Episode 102:

The sources of information on the playing troupes.

The Earl of Leicester’s Men – the earliest recorded acting troupe.

How troupes operated under the patronage of their master.

The royal patent and how it changed the way troupes operated.

The sumptuary laws and protections that actors were given.

The decline of the Earl of Leicester’s Men.

Lord Strange’s Men.

The merging of Lord Strange’s Men and The Admiral’s Men

Lord Strange’s Men become touring players.

The Earl of Sussex’s Men and complications at The Rose Theatre.

The Queen’s Men at The Rose Theatre (briefly).

Lord Hudson’s Men become the Lord Chamberlin’s Men.

The Lord Chamberlin’s Men at Newington Butts.

The Lord Chamberlin’s Men move from The Theatre to The Curtain.

The leading men of The Lord Chamberlin’s Men.

The ‘sharer’ system of the Elizabethan theatre.

The Lord Chamberlin’s Men become The King’s Men’.

The Earl of Pembroke’s Men and the perils of touring.

The Earl of Pembroke’s Men and ‘The Isle of Dogs’.

The history of The Admiral’s Men – a troubled start, but with later success.

The Fortune Theatre and the insight it gives us into the profits available in theatres.

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