The History of European Theatre Podcast

A chronological history of the development and practice of theatre, tracing the emergence from ancient Greece through to the present day.

The History of European Theatre looks at the places where theatre was made and the people who made it happen. More than just dates and lists of plays we’ll share the social, political and historical context that fostered the creation of dramatic art.

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Latest Episodes

  • 24-June-2024

    Bonus Episode 36:Sometimes things conspire against the podcaster, as has happened to me in the last couple of weeks, meaning that I have not been able to get the promised episode up to scratch in time.  To make up for [...]

  • 17-June-2024

    Episode 123: The Origins of New PlaceThe Clopton’s of Stratford-Upon-AvonThe first house at New PlaceHugh Clopton and his support for StratfordWilliam CloptonWilliam Bott and murder at New Place (maybe)William Underhill sells New Place to ShakespeareWilliam Underhill and his son Faulk [...]

  • 10-June-2024

    Episode 122:The fourth and final part of the biography of Shakespeare.The rise of Shakespeare as actor and playwright for the Lord Chamberlain’s Men.‘The Comedy of Errors’ performed at Grey’s Inn, ‘the night of errors.’The influence of the inns of [...]

  • 03-June-2024

    Episode 121:For this episode I’m very pleased to welcome Katherine Sheil, Professor of English at the University of Minnesota for the second part of our conversation about Anne Hathaway, based around her book ‘Imagining Shakespeare’s Wife: The Afterlife of [...]

Full Episode Listing

  • 27-May-2024

    Episode 120:The lost years of Shakespeare’s early life have given space for some myths and legends to grow over the centuries, before we can trace a few facts of his early life in London.The myth of Shakespeare and the [...]

  • 20-May-2024

    Episode 119:For this episode I’m very pleased to welcome Katherine Sheil, Professor of English at the University of Minnesota.  Katherine is Author of several books about Shakespeare, but today we particularly talk about her book about Shakespeare’s wife called ‘Imagining [...]

  • 13-May-2024

    Episode 118:Shakespeare's youth, his school days, religious life and marriage.A couple of corrections to the last episode on John ShakespeareThe Shakespeare family's domestic set up.Religion and the life of a child in the late 1500'sExamples of how William's education [...]

  • 06-May-2024

    Bonus Episode 35:A conversation with Cassidy Cash, producer and host of 'That Shakespeare Life', the podcast that interviews expert historians to explore people, events, and objects that were living or happening in Shakespeare’s lifetime.Cassidy Cash is a Shakespeare historian, [...]

  • 29-April-2024

    Episode 117:‘To you your father should be as a God’.-              A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act 1 Scene 1The first of a series of episodes covering the biography of William of Stratford.Richard Shakespeare – William’s grandfatherRichard Shakespeare – William’s uncleJohn [...]

  • 22-April-2024

    Bonus Episode 34:Guest Dr Agata Luksza discusses her book 'Polish Theatre Revisited' where she examines theatre fan culture in Warsaw in the late 19th century.Dr Agata Luksza is an assistant professor at the Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw. [...]

  • 15-April-2024

    Episode 116:As an introduction to the season on Shakespeare this episode gives a timeline of events in Shakespeare's life. The focus is on the best estimates for the dates of all his plays and the reasons for those estimates, [...]

  • 08-April-2024

    Episode 115:A dive back into Ancient Greek theatre with a look at 'The Frogs' by Aristophanes.A recap on the life and plays of Aristophanes.A summary of the plot of the play.Analysis of the main points raised by the play. [...]

  • 01-April-2024

    Episode 114:As an introduction to season six of the podcast in the first part of this episode I lay out the aims for the next season and the approach I will be taking to the monoliths of early English [...]

  • 09-January-2024

    A bonus episode where Peter Schmitz of the 'Adventures In Theatre History - Philadelphia' podcast takes us through an overview of the development of theatre in Philadelphia.Peter Schmitz is an actor, dialect coach, and teacher of Theater History who lives [...]