The History of European Theatre Podcast

A chronological history of the development and practice of theatre, tracing the emergence from ancient Greece through to the present day.

The History of European Theatre looks at the places where theatre was made and the people who made it happen. More than just dates and lists of plays we’ll share the social, political and historical context that fostered the creation of dramatic art.

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1411, 2022


2022-11-06T11:11:03+00:006:30 am|Podcast Categories: |

Thoughts on a recent trip to the Greek capital, Athens a city resonating with ancient historySupport the podcast

3110, 2022

The Bones Of Calderon de la Bacca

2022-10-26T14:30:46+01:006:30 am|Podcast Categories: |

A bonus episodes as a coda to the European Renaissance Theatre season following the story of what happened to the remains of Calderon de la Bacca after his death.Support the podcast

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310, 2022

European Renaissance Conclusions

2022-09-28T15:35:22+01:006:30 am|Podcast Categories: |

Episode 86:

A summary to conclude the season on European Renaissance Theatre focussing on four aspects of the theatre that I have covered in the last twenty-two episodes:

The Italian Rebirth

The Parisian Theatre

Theatre in Spain

The Commedia […]