The History of European Theatre Podcast

A chronological history of the development and practice of theatre, tracing the emergence from ancient Greece through to the present day.

The History of European Theatre looks at the places where theatre was made and the people who made it happen. More than just dates and lists of plays we’ll share the social, political and historical context that fostered the creation of dramatic art.

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1511, 2021

Medieval Places Of Seeing

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Episode 63In a coda to season 3 somewhere in England an acting troupe travels through a cold December at the tale end of the Medieval period, in search of an audience. A fictional account using [...]

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2009, 2021

Medieval Conclusions

2021-09-20T06:30:00+01:006:30 am|Podcast Categories: |

Episode 62

With the Reformation came the final end of the great Religious plays of the medieval period. The episode sumarises the great trends of medieval theatre and charts the final end as Europe descended […]

609, 2021

Just For Fun: Medieval Secular Theatre

2021-09-06T06:30:00+01:006:30 am|Podcast Categories: |

Episode 60

Religious theatre dominated the Medieval period, but there are some examples of works written just for fun and entertainment.

How celebrations like The Feast of Fools, The Boy Bishop and The Feast of Asses developed […]

3008, 2021

Everyman: Dutch Morality

2021-08-30T06:30:00+01:006:30 am|Podcast Categories: |

Episode 59

Everyman is the most well known of all the Morality plays and probably an English adaptation of a Dutch original.

Different types of Morality Plays

The Morality play in Europe and how they differed from the […]