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For a small monthly fee you can get access to all of the additional episodes published on Patreon. Signing up will give you access to a private RSS feed that you can add to your podcasts in (most) Podcast Apps. You can find more details at:

If you are not able to commit to a regular payment, but would like to hear an episode, or some of the episodes, then you can purchase these on a one off basis. The purchased episode(s) would be sent to you as mp3 files. You could, for example just take a single episode, or the whole series on Henslowe’s Diary (eleven episodes in all). You could also select any combination of episodes to make a bespoke bundle. The price will vary depending on the type and number of episodes selected, but as an indication about £3 per episode would be typical.

Episode length varies, typically, between fifteen and twenty minutes, with a few episodes getting close to the thirty minute mark. Most are designed to give additional details that support the main podcast, but some are more personal blogs on something theatre related.

If you would like to purchase any episodes please contact me and I will be able to give you some more details about the length, content, and price of individual episodes.


Below is a list of the published episodes (up to 31/12/2022)

Introduction to Patreon Episodes – You get this for free with any purchase.

Aristotle: The Poetics – A summary of Aristotle’s famous thesis on theatre

The Life of Aristotle – The life and works of the great philosopher

Comparing Translations – A few examples of how translations of the same passage from the Ancient Greek can be very different.

Visiting the Theatre in Ancient Athens by Allardyce Nicoll – A alternative account (to my own ‘Places of Seeing’ episode) of what a visit to the theatre in Ancient Greece would have been like.

Socrates – The life and works of the great philosopher.

Hunt, Grenfell and the Satyr Play – How the Satyr play was discovered in an Egyptian rubbish dump.

Livy – A primer in the life and works of the Roman philosopher.

Cicero – A primer in the life and works of the Roman philosopher.

Suetonius on Terence – The primary source for our understanding of Terence.

Plato – A primer in the life and works of the Roman philosopher.

Roman Philosophy 1: Hellenism.

Roman Philosophy 2: Cynics, Stoics & Epicureans.

Roman Philosophy 3: Neoplatonism & Mystics.

Richard Southern & Seven Ages of the Theatre – A summary of this excellent work of theatre history.

Adam De La Halle

Medieval Poets part 1

Medieval Poets part 2

The Ballad of Reading Gaol – A reading of Oscar Wilde’s poem.

Comments on the Introduction to Henslowe’s Diary – Some notes on the introduction (available on the main podcast feed)

Henslowe’s Diary: January 1595

Henslowe’s Diary: Edward Alleyn

Henslowe’s Diary: Easter Week 1596

Henslowe’s Diary: The Rose Theatre

Henslowe’s Diary: July 1596

Henslowe’s Diary: The Player Troupes part 1

Henslowe’s Diary: The Player Troupes part 2

Henslowe’s Diary: The Isle of Dogs

Henslowe’s Diary: October 1597 an ending of sorts

The Theatre Audience – Some thoughts on the changing attitudes of theatre audiences.

Sir Antony Sher and Richard 3rd – Some thoughts following the death of Sir Anthony Sher

Audience Expectations – Some thoughts on the changing expectations of theatre audiences

Alan Ayckbourn Gave Me Cheese – A personal account of meeting England’s greatest living playwright.

Peter Brook – Some thoughts on news of the death of the great practitioner

My reading of ‘My Life In Art’ Constantine Stanislavski’s Autobiography

1 An Introduction

2 Theatre & Family History

3 Struggles with Obstinacy

4 Learning to Love Theatre

5 Mikhail Shchepkin part 1

6 Mikhail Shchepkin part 2

7 Moscow Little Theatre

8 The Amateur Circuit

9 The Society of Art & Literature

10 Fundamentals of Art Material

11 Marriage

12 Character Parts 1

13 Character Parts 2

14 The Genius of Director Kronek

The Beggar Boy at Christ’s Christmas Tree – A reading of Dostoyevsky’s Christmas Story