Episode 101:

How Marlowe’s other plays differ from Tamburlaine and Dr Faustus.

The plot of ‘The Jew of Malta’.

The depiction of Barabbas the Jew and how it might have been received by the audience.

‘Edward 2nd’ as a history play rather than a tragedy.

The theme of homosexuality in Marlowe’s work.

The plot of ‘Edward 2nd’.

The slow burn of the play adding to it’s subdued nature.

The motif of the wheel of fortune.

Edward’s character and the difficulty of empathy.

The problem with the language in the play.

The character of Gaveston.

The symbolism of the manner of Edward’s death

The character of Isabella.

Mortimer the antagonist.

Comparisons between ‘Edward 2nd’ and ‘The Jew of Malta’.

A word on ‘The Massacre at Paris’.

Final thoughts on Christopher Marlowe

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