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December 2022

Pantomime: A conversation with Aaron Odom – part 2

The second part of my seasonal chat with guest Aaron Odom director Trident Theatre Company and Euripides Eumenides Podcast. We pick up the story of the history of the British Christmas Pantomime, going further back to the influence of Comedies Dell’arte and the bringing the story forward to it’s zenith in the later Victorian period up to some of today’s challenges for the modern Panto.

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Pantomime: A conversation with Aaron Odom – part 1

A seasonal episode with guest Aaron Odom director Trident Theatre Company and Euripides Eumenides Podcast where the main subject of the day is the phenomenon of the British Christmas Pantomime, but in a wide-ranging chat about theatre in general we also covered Aaron’s background and some of his current projects with Trident Theatre Company.

Part two of our conversation is following soon. 

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The Oberammergau Passion Play

A bonus episode on the origins, development and recent history of The Oberammergau Passion Play.

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November 2022

Pericles & Aspasia: A Conversation With Yvonne Korshak

A conversation with author Yvonne Korshak about her novel ‘Pericles and Aspasia’

The novel unfolds against the background of the arts and history of the Golden Age seen through the eyes of two individuals who lent their luster to make it “golden,” Pericles, the great orator and visionary of democracy and its most influential woman, Aspasia. Their story takes them from the Agora—Athens’ marketplace—to the Acropolis, from the mercantile, raunchy Athenian Port Piraeus across the Aegean Sea to East Greece. Pericles and Aspasia—together and apart—navigate treacherous paths from venal calculations to impassioned philosophical inquiry, from high-stakes sea battles to the passions […]


Thoughts on a recent trip to the Greek capital, Athens a city resonating with ancient history

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October 2022

The Bones Of Calderon de la Bacca

A bonus episodes as a coda to the European Renaissance Theatre season following the story of what happened to the remains of Calderon de la Bacca after his death.

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May 2022

The Second Anniversary Episode

A special bonus episode to celebrate the second anniversary of the podcast. We step out of the timeline of the renaissance theatre as I tell the story of the venue that was the home to my first theatrical experiences – The Castle Theatre, Farnham

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April 2022

Shakespeare: Wordsmith of the English Language

A special bonus episode to celebrate the Birthday of William Shakespeare which looks at the way he used and created the English Language.

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December 2021

November 2021

An Introduction to the Diary of Philip Henslowe

In this bonus episode we get an introduction the the diary of Philip Henslowe, theatre owner and businessman during the end of the Tudor period and beginning of the Stuart period. Elements from the diary will feature on upcoming episodes for podcast supporters on Patreon.

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October 2021

Salome, Oscar Wilde and Lazarus Theatre

A bonus episode featuring Salome by Oscar Wilde. In summer 2021 I was fortunate to see the Lazarus Theatre production at the Southwark Playhouse in London. In this episode I give a brief version of the Oscar Wilde story, look at Salome in more detail and think about what the Lazarus Theatre revival brings to this lesser known play.

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June 2021

May 2021

Lazarus Theatre: A conversation with Ricky Dukes

A conversation with Ricky Dukes, artistic director of Lazarus Theatre.

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Actors of Dionysus: A conversation with Tamsin Shasha

A conversation with Tamsin Shasha, Actor, Ariel Performer and artistic director of The Actors of Dionysus.

Find out more about Tamsin’s work here:

Twitter: @aodtheatre

For the official website of the UN Climate Change Conference 2021:

and The Brighton Fringe

Greek Theatre and before: A conversation with Rosie Beech

A conversation about the earliest forms of theatre, the Greeks, Dionysus and more with performer and podcaster Rosie Beech. Rosie has a masters degree in Social Anthropology and applies the rigours of that subject to her knowledge of the earliest forms of theatre and the role of religion, women and much more in Greek Theatre.

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The First Birthday Episode

A special episode to make the First Birthday of the Podcast featuring five stories from the history of the London Theatre

Charles 2nd and Nell Gwyn

King George, the Prince of Wales, and the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

The ghost of William Terriss

Noel Coward’s West End Flop

The tradition of the Baddeley Cake

April 2021

Website Announcement

A short episode to introduce the new website for the podcast and the Facebook Group.

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The History of European Theatre Podcast Group

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Windows On A Shakespearean Life

A special bonus episode to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare. Here, in seven parts, is a glimpse into a Shakespearean life: Birth, The School Room, The Players, Marriage, Poet, London and The Death Scene

March 2021

December 2020

A Christmas Time

A little extra episode for Christmas week with best wishes to you all for the holiday season.

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October 2020


A short episode about new content on and some reccomendations to keep you occupied while I research The Theatre of Rome. Links to the sites mentioned are:

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