Episode 70

Catherine De Medici, her arrival in Paris for marriage to Henry, second son of Francis 1st.  Her cultural influence and role as wife of the King, and mother to three successive French rulers.

The Hotel De Bourgogne, the only playhouse in Paris

Mellin de Saint-Gelais the royal librarian who penned adaptations of Italian tragedy

Etienne Jodelle was hailed as the new Sophocles after his first play, but quickly fell out of favour after his second and some intemperate praise.

The strong adherence to Aristotelian rules of theatre

Jean de La Taille continues in Jodelle’s footsteps with Greek inspired tragedy and lighter pieces.

Jean Antoine de Baif gets concerned about playwrights straying from Aristotle

Robert Garnier’s influential plays, including an adaptation of Ariosto.  Including an example of how Thomas Kyd was inspired by his work.

How the monopoly on theatrical performance of the Confraternity of the Passion was broken and a description of their playhouse, the Hotel De Bourgogne.  The arrival of the second playhouse and the first professional actress of the Parisian stage.

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