Episode 105:

The life of Thomas Kyd, including a word on Elizabethan schooling.

Thomas Nashe on Kyd.

Kyd and the London playwright set.

Kyd and Lord Strange.

Questions over the first performances of ‘The Spanish Tragedy’.

Is ‘The Spanish Tragedy’ a sequel?

Cornelia, Kyd’s other surviving play.

The Ur-Hamlet and other plays and collaborations.

Kyd and Marlowe.

The publication of the ‘The Spanish Tragedy’

A synopsis of ‘The Spanish Tragedy’

The power of the plotting of the story.

Similarities to ‘Hamlet’.

The weaknesses of Kyd’s verse.

The strengths of Kyd’s visual and dramatic settings.

The body strewn stage at the end of the play.

Why Kyd is no Shakespeare.

The significance of ghost of Andreas and the personification of Revenge.

The role of Bel-Imperia and the growing impact of female characters of stage.

The morality of revenge debate.

Kyd as the father of ‘revenge tragedy’. 

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