Episode 108:

The second part of the story of Thomas Dekker and his works

‘Old Fortunas’ – Dekker’s first known play

‘The Honest Whore’, a good example of what was good and bad in Dekker’s work.

‘The Civil Wars in France’ – three parts, an introduction and a bit of a mystery.

Dekker’s debt to the Lord Chamberlin’s Men and rescue by Henslowe.

How Henslowe’s Diary shows Dekker’s incredible work rate.

The Play of Sir Thomas Moore – including a word on Shakespeare’s contribution.

‘The Shoemaker’s Holiday’, Dekker’s best surviving work

The Bishop’s Ban of 1599 and a theatrical spat.

Dekker’s account of the failure of ‘The Whore of Babylon’.

Later works, the Lord Mayor’s pageant and prison.

Last years and death in poverty.

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