Episode 92:

Elizabeth’s reign is seen as the golden age of theatre where many great playwrights, and one genius in particular, flourished.  But did that happen because of the freedoms they were granted, or because of the constraints they worked under?  

The situation in theatre as Elizabeth ascended to the throne.

The revision of the Act of Uniformity.

The renewal of the ban on Interludes and censorship play printing.

Rules introduced to combat the spread of plague.

Attempts to ban plays on moral grounds.

The arguments against stage plays performed on Sunday.

 Touring companies in the north and continued performances of Corpus Christi plays.

Tightening control after the rebellion in the north and the execution of Mary.

The Earl of Leicester’s Men are granted a royal patent.

The reaction of the City of London to the royal patent.

The Revels Office and it’s effective third master, Edmund Tilney.

Censorship in the control of the Revels Office extended to all plays, play-makers and playhouses.

The limiting of official playhouses and troupes in London.

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