Episode 100:

Dr Faustus is one of the most influential plays of the Elizabethan period.  Most commentators see this play as Marlowe’s masterpiece, and it is certainly the most performed of his plays through the centuries.

The two printed version of the play and how they may have come to be updated.

The Plot of ‘The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus’.

The source material for the play.

The effect of earning and wisdom.

Comparisons with Tamburlaine

The questioning of Christian doctrine.

The philosophical and religious debates in the play.

The impact of the comedic moments in the play.

How the scenes with the Pope would have been received

The play’s debt to medieval theatre.

Questions of the efficacy of repentance.

The ‘guest stars’ of the play.

A play for Marlowe’s time and all time.

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