Shakespeare and Jonson

May 2024

Imagining Shakespeare’s Wife: A Conversation with Katherine Scheil

Episode 119:

For this episode I’m very pleased to welcome Katherine Sheil, Professor of English at the University of Minnesota.  Katherine is Author of several books about Shakespeare, but today we particularly talk about her book about Shakespeare’s wife called ‘Imagining Shakespeare’s Wife: The Afterlife of Anne Hathaway’.  It is a fascinating examination of the known facts of Anne’s life and of how her persona has been used and abused through the centuries, as a means of examining and justifying views of Shakespeare, but also about how Anne has been viewed in her own right.

Katherine is a leading expert on Anne […]

William of Stratford Part 2: ‘He Wears The Rose of Youth Upon Him’

Episode 118:

Shakespeare’s youth, his school days, religious life and marriage.

A couple of corrections to the last episode on John Shakespeare

The Shakespeare family’s domestic set up.

Religion and the life of a child in the late 1500’s

Examples of how William’s education in Stratford may have looked.

Anne Hathaway and her family history.

William and Anne’s marriage and the many speculations about anomalies in the records.

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April 2024

William of Stratford Part 1: ‘To You Your Father Should Be As a God’

Episode 117:

‘To you your father should be as a God’.

–              A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Act 1 Scene 1

The first of a series of episodes covering the biography of William of Stratford.

Richard Shakespeare – William’s grandfather

Richard Shakespeare – William’s uncle

John Shakespeare – William’s father

                  His move to Stratford Upon Avon

                  His trade as a glover

                  The question of the midden heap

                  Marriage to Mary Arden

                  The elder children of John and Mary Shakespeare

                  The question of William’s birthdate

                  The effect of the plague in Stratford that summer

                  The younger children of John and Mary Shakespeare

                  The business interests of John Shakespeare

                  The legal activates of John Shakespeare

                  The rise to become Mayor […]

Shakespeare In His Time

Episode 116:

As an introduction to the season on Shakespeare this episode gives a timeline of events in Shakespeare’s life. The focus is on the best estimates for the dates of all his plays and the reasons for those estimates, but also includes the milestones of his life and other significant events of the time that occurred in England.

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From the English Renaissance to Shakespeare and Jonson

Episode 114:

As an introduction to season six of the podcast in the first part of this episode I lay out the aims for the next season and the approach I will be taking to the monoliths of early English theatre tha tare Shakespeare and Jonson.

In the second part of the Episode I give a quick recap of Season Five to get you and I back in the zone for all the detail that will follow on Shakespeare and Jonson.

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