Episode 72

The Situation in Spain prior to the Renaissance period with a summary of developments in the Roman and Medieval periods in Spain.

The merging of religious and secular theatre at the end of the medieval period.

The ‘autos’ and how it developed out of liturgical drama and the only surviving example ‘The Play of the Three Kings’.

From the 12th Century ‘Pamphylus in Love’.

The Spanish version of the cycle play.

The poetic dialogue and its influence on theatre.

The religious plays of Juan Ruiz

The use of rustic language for comedy in 15th century plays.

The beginning of the Spanish renaissance with the plays of Gomez Manrique.

Inigo de Mendoza spanning the medieval and the renaissance.

Fernando de Rojas and the influential play ‘Celestina’.

Juan del Encina and his three-stage career, which ended by producing some of the earliest plays of the renaissance in Spain.

The religious and pastoral plays of Lucas Fernandez. 

Bartolome de Torres Naharro who mixed Plautus with his real-life experiences as a soldier and churchman in his comic and satiric plays.

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