Episode 78:

Records about the second corral in Madrid tell us a lot about the theatre.  In this episode we go through the details of what the different parts of the theatre on the Calle del Principe were like.

A short reminder of the history of the Corral in Spain as featured in episode 74.

The location building of the Corral del Principe as a rival to the original Madrid playhouse, the Corral de la Cruz.

The Facade wall on Calle del Principe

The doors in the facade and how they changed

The entrance and balcony for the ladies

The entrance hall

The view from the patio

The lateral stands and benches

The windows and balconies on the adjacent houses

The VIP rooms above the entrance

The Stage

The tiring room and backstage access

Beneath the stage

The roof awning

The capacity at the corral del Principe and how it has been calculated.

Rivalry between the Corral del Principe and the Corral de la Cruz

The dispute over the balcony fees and the pulling down of the Principe

The Principe and the Cruz today

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