Episode 85:

We return to Italy, to the birthplace of the Renaissance, for one last visit in this theatrical age.

The Bernini family and their history as sculptors and architects.

The early life and career of the second-generation Bernini, Gian Lorenzo, and his place as a major sculptor and architect in Rome.

His work as a scenic designer in the theatre and the impact of his special effects.

Bernini as an all-round theatre practitioner and some examples of his work.

Bernini as a playwright and the nature of his plays.

The discovery of his one surviving play and the problems with the text.

The plot of his one surviving play ‘The Impresario’.

The Commedia Dell’arte elements in ‘The Impresario’ and how Bernini subverted them.

Giovanni Burnacini and his son Ludovichi, who worked for the Vienna Opera houses and the Holy Roman Emperor. 

The use of multiple vanishing points in set design

The careers of three generations of the Galli-Bibienas in set design and architecture.

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