Episode 95:

The life and plays of some of the lesser known playwrights of the Tudor period.

George Gascoigne – his shady life story and his Italian translations into English prose.

Robert Greene – how he carved out a professional writers life from an unpromising start, his plays, and that notorious comment about Shakespeare.

Thomas Lodge – a prodigious talent who sought out an adventurous life and wrote two verse plays.

Thomas Preston – A Fellow of Cambridge University who wrote plays in many different styles.

Collaboration in the Tudor period.

George Peele – part of the ‘university wits’ set, best known for ‘The Araynment of Paris’ and ‘The Battle of Alcazar’, but ‘The Old Wife’s Tale’ is the most thought provoking.

John Lily – A son of the establishment Lily produced plays for the court performed by the boy acting troupe at St Paul’s School. His work is remembered for it’s carefully crafted language that remained influential, but he never crossed over into the mainstream of the public playhouse.

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